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I was more than happy to review Positive Energy Drinks mainly because they are all natural and GMO free!  A combination of pure juice and natural caffeine is Non-GMO Project verified, certified gluten-free and certified kosher. Plus, each 10-ounce screw-top bottle contains the amount of caffeine equivalent to up to one large cup of premium coffee. This all-natural boost is then combined with delicious, fresh fruit juice to make a product that contains no preservatives and no artificial flavors. And unlike synthetic energy drinks on the market, Positive Energy has a nutrition label you can actually read and understand. You won’t find any unnecessary and potentially dangerous stimulants like guarana and taurine!
My 2 fav's.

orderpositiveenergy.com  was happy to give my readers FREE SHIPPING for any order!
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Expires May 29, 2015

Went to a new Mexican restaurant in Hyannis El Mariachi Loco on 569 Main St., Hyannis, MA
Oh man you simply have to go here.  Authentic Mexican food, fresh fish tacos, never frozen.
I just cannot say enough good about this place.
In the photo: fish tacos, carne azada quesadillas.
I am going back JUST for the fish taco.  Its that good. ALL the sauces, hot, salsa, etc..are even homemade.
The chile de arbol--oh hello, so so good.

Almost time to just jump right in, so looking forward to summer--what a long winter we had.


Don't you love 2-bite cake slices?

Nice to be eating lunch outside again.

Have you tried?  So good, the Vietnamese is a tad sweet, but buy these two and combine them
to make it less sweet, with a touch of milk added in.

First char-grill of the season!  Its really all about the buttered-char bun isn't it?

I like to keep dinner simple & easy.

Soon to be filled with traffic!

You have to have really good walking skills here.

here too.....

So I went to the Waldorf Astoria and had a $22 burger.  Yeah it was so worth it.


Nauset Beach is looking mighty good these days.

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vintage cape cod national seashore photographs

To the man that give me a random bouquet of flowers on 5/14/2015, thank you again.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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love this quote

Have you tried this?  You should.

made out pretty good for Easter...you?

good advice.

just from cleaning out the truck!  not bad!

instant homemade pretzel-cheese sandwiches (spread with wine port cheese spread & top)

guess what cape cod?
5 Guys is coming to Cape Cod mall in a couple weeks!

winter is OVER!  finally (sandy neck beach sandwich, ma)

seagull beach, cape cod, ma

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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I hope its safe to say that winter is finally done snowing its heavy hand on us cape codders?

Corporation Beach, Dennis, MA

LeCount Hollow, Wellfleet, MA

Closed until spring...

Chatham fish pier ghost town

I'm guessing that snowbank will be there till June?

My pool is under there somewhere. Thats about 4-5 feet of snow.

Homemade artisan soaps.
I am in LOVE with the lip scrub.
All from Artisan Soaps

Gesine Bullock-Prado latest and most creative cookbook yet: Let Them Eat Cake
In this cookbook she takes classic favorite dessert treats and gives you healthier options as well as the classic.
For example the coconut cake, she shows us how to do it a regular one then options for a vegan, gluten free or just healthier version. Brilliant!

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Have a wonderful weekend.


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My life has consisted of nothing but snow storms. No literally, one after the other.
I think we are on our 7th storm? I don't know I've lost count.
I have the worst cabin fever.
Here are few more photos of my snow-riddened town called cape cod, and oh, another blizzard
for this Saturday night!  Yes!
He's waiting on scraps from my lunch.
Seafood bisque is a plenty here on Cape Cod--thankfully. From Lindsey's Family Restaurant.
Giant roast beef sandwiches from Mike's Roast Beef in Yarmouth, MA.
Do pay them a visit when you visit cape cod, so worth it.
How I get thru winter....
My newest favorite perfume.  Oh this scent is so heavenly.
Snowed in has a whole new meaning when you have to create walkways in snow around the
perimeter of your house!
Where the front entrance used to be.
And then like magic, after 2 days of being snowed in, you see this coming down your road.
I wanted to hug him.
PicMonkey Collage (2)
Only 35 more days till Spring!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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